This internship is designed to provide a practical hands-on learning experience for undergraduate student. Morningside Presbyterian Church is starting a church plant and we want college students at the core of it all. We are excited to give individuals firsthand ministry experience as well as assist in the planting of a new church ministry. This will be a year of training for lifelong vocational or volunteer ministry. Interns will gain experience working with the senior pastor and director of music, as well as assisting with the overall functionality of the church. We are excited to welcome your application to our internship program, and if accepted, we pray that this experience will be beneficial in your future endeavors in ministry or in the marketplace.


By the end of the year you will have seen personal growth in the areas of:

  1. Theology

  2. Worship

  3. Leadership

  4. Innovative thinking

  5. Team building

  6. Preaching

  7. Communication

  8. Teaching, and more!


  1. A believer in Jesus Christ Lord and Savior

  2. Undergraduate student

  3. Personal and Ministry References

  4. Pass a background check

  5. Reliable transportation to and from the church (look at Q&A below)

  6. 10 hours of work a week, with Sunday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM being a requirement.

  7. Must be daring and innovative when it comes to ministry

  8. Experience leading hymns or modern worship styles is preferred but not required.

  9. Willingness to lead worship through Scripture reading, singing, preaching etc.

  10. Familiarity with social media and technology.

ministry areas for intern

  1. Worship Ministry

  2. Preaching and public speaking (at least 2 times per semester)

  3. Teaching (you will be given the opportunity to lead a Bible study series for adults

  4. and/or youth)

  5. Media and Technology (enhancing the website and utilizing social media)

  6. Administration and Hospitality

  7. Community Outreach in the Fullerton area.

our expectations

  1. Complete the internship program

  2. Exemplify a Christian lifestyle in action, integrity and communication

  3. Be innovative and display outside-the-box thinking

  4. Have a good sense of humor (trust us, you’ll need this one)

  5. Complete a maximum of 10 hours per week, including Sunday morning

  6. Fulfill ministry roles and responsibilities listed above

whom is this internship for?

This internship is for anyone who loves God, believes in Jesus Christ and is passionate about local church ministry. It is for anyone who might be frustrated with the way things are in the church but understands that the church is sacred and needs to be rooted and grounded on certain principles. It is for someone who is creative, innovative and excited about doing new things. It is for someone who is willing to learn, grow and to teach.


  1. Is the internship a paid position?

    • Yes. It is a paid position of $1500.00

    • A letter of recommendation will be provided upon completion of the internship.

  2. Do interns work on Sunday?

    • Yes. It is required.

  3. Do I really need a car?

    • A car is preferred but not required. We believe that the best person for the job might not have a car and that’s okay, we can work something out.

  4. Do I need to be in a certain year to apply?

    • No. We accept application from every year – incoming freshman to incoming senior.

  5. Can I work from home/dorm/coffee shop of choice?

    • Other than Sunday or special meetings/events, much of your work can be done from home or whenever you prefer.

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