Morningside Presbyterian Church is a community of followers of Christ called to joyfully share the love, peace and justice of Jesus Christ with people through worship, prayer, outreach and fellowship.


MPC is a church with big dreams and ideas. We believe that together we are going to make a big impact for God’s kingdom here in Fullerton, and we invite you to be part of that impact!

At MPC all activities of the church are organized around our core values of worship, ministry, and outreach. We are a congregation that is centered around the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ, while at the same time being a fully inclusive community of faith.

Christ centered means that our congregational life is centered on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and are committed to the experience of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A fully inclusive community of faith means that MPC firmly believes that God’s love is freely offered to everyone and therefore as a congregation, we are committed to causes of social justice and to being inclusive, affirming and welcoming of all people.